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“I wanted to let you know that both you and your team’s customer support has exceeded any expectations that I may have had. I received a message from your support team after I had a failed report upload. I appreciate your researching my states applicable laws. I will continue working with my investigators and try to educate them on the necessity of tower info in warrants, even if it means having to sit down with the prosecuting attorneys.” – Minnesota


“We had a robbery trial that was scheduled for today. One of our three investigators that attended Sy’s expert class had prepared an extensive PowerPoint presentation—-. He was able to place all five co-defendants at the robbery and other locations related to the robbery. He was hoping to use this case toward his expert certification but once again the defense was presented with the Commonwealth Attorney’s open file policy and ALL FIVE plead guilty. We are talking about 22 years a piece. Not a gift by any means.

My point is that the product works too good in the sense that it is so visually damning to the defendant that they almost always plead guilty when confronted.” -Virginia


“I just wanted to pass on my thanks to ya’ll for all the mapping help ya’ll have given over the last week or so. Just to give you an update on the case we were working on. It started as a missing person with suspicious circumstances and unfortunately turned into a murder investigation. As of 7pm (central time) last night, we had recovered the body of a missing female and put in jail our 4 suspects for 1st Degree Murder, Kidnapping, and Arson. If you would like to see information about the case go to (Tahereh Ghassemi was the victim’s name) which is a local news outlet that has a good article about the case.
Also, ya’ll should be getting a call within a day or two from my captain to begin the process on starting an account for our agency. Again, please pass on to your people our thanks for all your help.” – Louisiana


“My DA was impressed when I ran one phone record for her! When it came back in under a
minute she was blown away! I believe the words were, “You just saved me DAYS of plotting towers!” We were able to run the records she had while we were in her office because the system is web based (which is awesome). This took about 15 minutes for all of them by the way. I’m not surprised she called and I’m glad she did. I believe in your product and every cop should have it to help them with their cases. “ – Utah

Training Reviews


“Just completed the 40 hour course in Salt Lake City! Looking forward to applying the new knowledge to cases on Monday! Thanks Sy and Keri! This is a great service you’re providing and I can’t wait to show “the guys” what we learned. Your techniques and cell record management services are going to be a “game changer” – Utah

North Carolina

“I know of NO OTHER COURSE that covers the magnitude of data and in-depthness that this class does. The content of the class is huge and its delivery by Sy is spotless. I also appreciated the instructors patience with us as we tried to navigate through all the data. Our instructor gets an A+++!” -North Carolina

North Carolina

“[The class] was not a sales pitch for specific software. Learned valuable techniques and procedures to effectively evaluate cell data obtained for investigations. Thanks! Great class. I look forward to using your product.” -North Carolina


“Impressive [class]. I will change my [investigative] method!” -VA


“Great training! I can honestly say this was the most applicable and best training I’ve been to in years. The material taught is directly applicable to my job! Overall, Sy – the instructor – was a wealth of knowledge and very helpful. Again, phenomenal course!” -VA

South Carolina

“I’ve been in the CDR arena a while now and have found no company as responsive and technologically sound as yours! It’s an honor and I can’t wait for August to get here so I can start attending your training classes! As soon as I finish this class I’m signing up for the next one and the next one….and the….well you get the idea!” -South Carolina


“Awesome training! This is some of the best and most useful training I have ever been to.” -VA

San Bernandino

“This information was new to me and a must for any investigation. I think back to all the cases I could’ve used this on, and wish I had this training. I enjoyed the class and the manner in which it was presented.” – San Bernandino

North Carolina

“All Violent Crime Guys should take this training.” -North Carolina


“I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all your hard work on organizing the cell phone training last week. I got a lot of positive feedback from the detectives that took the course and they were all very pleased with all that they learned. I think this was a good step for our agency and hopefully now that they see how important cell phone records are to investigations, that they will all go back to their command staff and push for Trax/Linx. Sy did a tremendous job relaying his knowledge and expertise to the class and he was well received. Again I just wanted thank you and your staff for your hard work.” – Arizona