"This information was new to me and a must for any investigation. I think back to all the cases I could've used this on, and wish I had this training. I enjoyed the class and the manner in which it was presented." - San Bernandino
"[Trax] worked great! We were able to determine our victims whereabouts during the hours leading up to his death. It was nice having a web based program that we were able to use in our mobile command center, as opposed to calling out an analyst to assist in the investigation." -New Jersey
"We had a robbery trial that was scheduled for today. One of our three investigators that attended Sy’s expert class had prepared an extensive PowerPoint presentation----. He was able to place all five co-defendants at the robbery and other locations related to the robbery. He was hoping to use this case toward his expert certification but once again the defense was presented with the Commonwealth Attorney’s open file policy and ALL FIVE plead guilty. We are talking about 22 years a piece. Not a gift by any means.

My point is that the product works too good in the sense that it is so visually damning to the defendant that they almost always plead guilty when confronted." -Virginia

"It was impressive to see the capabilities of TraX and being able to see how records are extracted help me better understand what I am looking at. Most officers like myself don't fully understand what we are looking at when we review a CDR. Most of us are looking at who the person is calling but never utilize tower information or any other detail provided. This course will help me fully conduct a complete investigation using phone records. It makes me wonder what I missed before." -North Carolina
"Sy did an excellent job and presented the information well. He was professional and HIGHLY knowledgeable. I appreciate his help and presentation. I appreciated his experiences he shared with the class for each case and the hands on experience of the class. Thank you!" - San Bernadino
"Tons of info, really good, law enforcement related/applicable software and system(s). Holy crap it's a lot of info!" - San Bernadino
"[The class is] amazingly informative. Love all the information. Can I have a job when I retire in a few years?" -San Bernadino
"I know of NO OTHER COURSE that covers the magnitude of data and in-depthness that this class does. The content of the class is huge and its delivery by Sy is spotless. I also appreciated Sy's patience with us as we tried to navigate through all the data. Sy gets an A+++!" -North Carolina
"Bayou Billy Approves this Course!" -Louisiana
"All Violent Crime Guys should take this training." -North Carolina
"[The class] was not a sales pitch for specific software. Learned valuable techniques and procedures to effectively evaluate cell data obtained for investigations. Thanks! Great class. I look forward to using your product." -North Carolina
"The [class] information is useful regardless of being a customer or not. Fantastic material." -North Carolina
"I had high expectations for this class. All my expectations were not only met, but exceeded. Thank you Sy and Keri for all your patience, knowledge and ability to teach this course in a manner targeted at law enforcement professionals." -Florida
"Great course! Best tech course I have ever taken." -Florida
"This [class] is excellent. I highly encourage every law enforcement officer to take this course. Thank you for putting on such a great course." -Florida
"[I liked] the presentation of information followed up by putting the information into Google Earth. Then further followed up by the ZetX program mapping the information. Having the background on how to manually map the records was very beneficial." -Florida
"Best cell phone technology class that I have taken." -Georgia
"Very detailed [course] but explained very well. Excellent education about cell towers and all aspects of how to use them in investigations." -Georgia
"Even though I have been working with historical phone records for several years, I have been able to expand my knowledge base tremendously by attending this course. I always had software to do the analysis so it was good to do it the old fashioned way to help better understand what the [TraX] software is doing in the background. I've been a Penlink user for 10 years and wasn't completely sold on using TraX. My eyes have now been opened to its capabilities and I look forward to getting back to the office to utilize it more." -Georgia
"[I really liked that] everything [in class] was broken down step by step. Instructors were great and very detailed and patient. Love how willing you guys are to help with our cases." -Georgia
"[The class] was incredibly well put together and taught in a way we can all learn. The course is full of info I can use during investigations and the ZetX TraX system is amazingly helpful.  Brain overload, but in a manageable way! Thanks for hanging in Georgia for a week and patiently teaching all of your great knowledge. Before Monday, I knew nothing more about phones than how to make a call." -Georgia
"I wanted to give you a success story of sorts on a case I am working using Trax. I used Trax for a burglary investigation. The suspect denied multiple times coming to our city and further advised that he has never been to our city. I obtained a court order for his call detail records prior to having Trax. Once the court order was answered I plugged the call detail records into the system and sure enough the suspects cell phone was mapped hitting a tower approximately .20 miles from the victim’s residence. The suspect was recently indicted for burglary of a habitation." -Texas
"I've been in the CDR arena a while now and have found no company as responsive and technologically sound as yours! It's an honor and I can't wait for August to get here so I can start attending your training classes! As soon as I finish this class I'm signing up for the next one and the next one....and the....well you get the idea!" -South Carolina
"Great training! I can honestly say this was the most applicable and best training I've been to in years. The material taught is directly applicable to my job! Overall, Sy - the instructor - was a wealth of knowledge and very helpful. Again, phenomenal course!" -VA
"Easily the best training I've attended in my career. Just sitting in the class, I could see the value for particular cases. Would love to see a phamplet or some product to educate my prosecutors/supervisors. This would have been worth $700.00 out of my own pocket [if my agency hadn't paid]."
"Awesome training! This is some of the best and most useful training I have ever been to." -VA
"Impressive [class]. I will change my [investigative] method!" -VA
“Everything taught was completely new to me. It’s pretty great when everything is valuable information. Great class! One of the best, if not THE best.” -Florida



“I have never seen instructors who are this knowledgeable about the subject. I quickly learned that I needed more of a working knowledge about this topic and gained a new appreciation for the work of the analyst. We appreciate ZetX’s generosity towards law enforcement. I will definitely recommend this course to other law enforcement agencies.” -Florida
“Excellent presentation and giving us the resources to apply what we are given. Great investigative tools!! Gang agents started using the program provided during class and located information pertinent to a recent shooting investigation. Really appreciate your company allowing other members of our unit to attend the training at no cost!! You guys rock!!!” -Florida
"I just finished uploading some phone records from Sprint as well as PCMD from Sprint. I just wanted to say the upgrades to your finished product are amazing. The PCMD mapping helped us get an aggravated robbery suspect and put him near the scene just before the robbery happened. I appreciate that you guys are always improving your product, which helps us keep improving our cases!" - Texas
"Sharpe was convicted on all counts. Everyone else hung 10-2 guilty. The jurors enjoyed your testimony and gave it a ton of weight.
Thanks again for your help in this case.” - Arizona
“I’ve been tied up for several weeks on a homicide case with two suspects, six phones, five states, and over 86,500 lines of cell phone records over a nine month period. It has been a real learning experience, and I could not have done it without Sy’s training.
Thanks again for all the great training and valuable knowledge, and thanks for re-sending the first workshop!” - Arizona
"It is ridiculous that every agency is not taking this training. I am excited and ready to break some records down and bring a lot of officers up to speed on these investigations. Excellent training by someone who obviously knows their stuff. Great software.” - Montana
"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Prior to this week I used phones often in my investigations but would steer away from the in depth investigation. Now I feel like I have greater knowledge and am more confident to pursue these types of cases. Hands down one of the most beneficial and intriguing trainings I have attended.” - Virginia
"Before there was a ZetX, I had the privilege of working with Sy while he was still a cop. He made time to come to our agency to walk me though and explain the steps to accurately map cell phone information. I think his style of training is a perfect pace for LE and their product is very user friendly.
I would be interested in taking this 40 hr course if it is offered in AZ and I think with the new pricing structure ZetX has adapted, your department should look into purchasing this product! With cell phone information becoming such a HUGE part of our investigations, I think attending trainings by not just a software vendor, but an ACTUAL prior LE officer who can provide first-hand knowledge is priceless!” - Arizona
“I was completely enthralled by your class yesterday and I would like a copy of your power point as a reference. I work sex crimes and serious crimes against children, and I think we need someone in our unit who is somewhat current in case law and the cellular technology. Thanks for the information and I really hope to see you again.” - Arizona
“Just completed the 40 hour course in Salt Lake City! Looking forward to applying the new knowledge to cases on Monday! Thanks Sy and Keri! This is a great service you’re providing and I can’t wait to show “the guys” what we learned. Your techniques and cell record management services are going to be a “game changer” - Utah
I just wanted to pass on my thanks to ya’ll for all the mapping help ya’ll have given over the last week or so. Just to give you an update on the case we were working on. It started as a missing person with suspicious circumstances and unfortunately turned into a murder investigation. As of 7pm (central time) last night, we had recovered the body of a missing female and put in jail our 4 suspects for 1st Degree Murder, Kidnapping, and Arson. If you would like to see information about the case go to WAFB.com (Tahereh Ghassemi was the victim’s name) which is a local news outlet that has a good article about the case.
Also, ya’ll should be getting a call within a day or two from my captain to begin the process on starting an account for our agency. Again, please pass on to your people our thanks for all your help.” - Louisiana
“I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all your hard work on organizing the cell phone training last week. I got a lot of positive feedback from the detectives that took the course and they were all very pleased with all that they learned. I think this was a good step for our agency and hopefully now that they see how important cell phone records are to investigations, that they will all go back to their command staff and push for Trax/Linx. Sy did a tremendous job relaying his knowledge and expertise to the class and he was well received. Again I just wanted thank you and your staff for your hard work.” - Arizona
“I wanted to let you know that both you and your team’s customer support has exceeded any expectations that I may have had. I received a message from your support team after I had a failed report upload. I appreciate your researching my states applicable laws. I will continue working with my investigators and try to educate them on the necessity of tower info in warrants, even if it means having to sit down with the prosecuting attorneys.” - Minnesota
"My DA was impressed when I ran one phone record for her! When it came back in under a minute she was blown away! I believe the words were, “You just saved me DAYS of plotting towers!” We were able to run the records she had while we were in her office because the system is web based (which is awesome). This took about 15 minutes for all of them by the way. I’m not surprised she called and I’m glad she did. I believe in your product and every cop should have it to help them with their cases. “ - Utah