ZetX call detail record mapping training has the best reviews in the law enforcement community. First, all material we teach is developed from our own training and experience, not some guy reading a bunch of memorized slides. Some of the best experts in the country have and continue to attend our training. Not to mention, we give you real, hands on experience, with real cases from real detectives.  As a matter of fact, we helped close many of those cases.  Detectives and analysts who train with us can always call us for help.

Three Day Basic

The three day basic call detail record mapping training is a great class for new and seasoned detectives, seasoned patrol officers and crime analysts new to CDR mapping and analysis.

This course isn’t a hyped up marketing scam to buy our stuff. You register, pay, come to class and learn things you can immediately use to further your investigations. And of course, if you have a case you need help with, we always stay after class to assist.

As a result of the eight hour basic class, you might decide to learn more about call detail record investigations by attending the 40 Hour Advanced course.  40 Hour courses are hosted all over the country, often up to twice a month.


ZetX call detail record mapping training is always up to date.  Phone companies are always expanding their technology, as a result, we update our classes every time we teach.  Officers and analysts who follow us learn something new each time they attend. You’ve heard the phrase, “You’re only as good as you’re training.” It’s true, we’ve been there. For this reason, we always encourage our students to keep learning. We dream up fantastic ideas like, the ZetX Forums page, and give free seats for hosting a training. As a matter of fact, ZetX experts have to attend a week long training on an annual basis to stay smart. Did we mention, SME refresher training is on us? That means free of charge, they don’t pay for the training! We do it because we care about your success, strong investigations and because we like our experts a whole lot.


We do our best to bring you the latest and greatest call detail record mapping training available.  Our law enforcement network is vast and growing daily, with intelligent detectives and tenacious analysts. Incidentally, they help us advance justice every day. Just like you, they’re always on the search for truth, and just like us, they thrive on finding those who victimize good people. All things considered, ZetX maintains the highest standards of investigative training over every other training company out there.

It’s legit.  Train with us, investigate with us, trust us.

September 4-6, 2019 | Norfolk, VA
Hosted by the Norfolk Police Department
3 Day Basic

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