Superior Cell Phone Tower Mapping Software

Get to know TraX, the best, automated cell phone tower mapping software and analysis tool for law enforcement. Trax is easy, fast, accurate and in all honesty, it’s damn sleek and sexy. On point mapping has detectives everywhere looking like superstars!

Easy Mapping Software

Map and analyze complex records in three clicks. Historical records, tower dumps, PCMD, EVDO, ALULTE, live pings and every other crazy report the phone companies send you! Not to mention, all the third party cell phone resources we support, map and analyze! We can’t really mention them here, but the forensic stuff, wire stuff, AVL data…stuff like that. As a result of easy mapping with difficult data, you get a kick ass investigation.

Fast Unlimited Mapping

With just a few clicks, mere seconds, the power of Google Earth Pro and the awesomeness of TraX, your cell phone mapping is underway. Mapped files downloaded to your desktop beg to be e-mailed and shared with every VIP working your case. Did we mention all the unlimited files you upload are yours to keep? Rather than limit the number of cell phone records you upload, we expect you to upload as many as you want, and as a result, you’re always a superstar!

Accurate Cell Phone Tower Mapping

ZetX brings legit cell phone mapping and analysis software to your fingertips. Rather than making you size your own overlays, unlike other mapping companies, TraX does it for you! ZetX is the company who said, “Be gone, pie shape!” after a super smart judge called the pie shape, “granulization“, and tossed that evidence out onto the street! We thought about the issue for a loooong time, and decided we needed to meet Rule 702. As a result, we came up with the coolest, classiest, most user friendly cell phone mapping system you could dream of!


Historical Data

Automated, Mapped and Immediately Searchable.

Legal Demands and Preservation Letters

TRAX brings law enforcement standardized legal demands for every provider making another piece of the investigative process fast, simple and legit! The process is even more convenient because any investigator can start the process from any mobile device in the field. This service is at no cost to law enforcement. Legal demands can be customized for each agency with a TRAX subscription.

Home Tower Mapping vs. First and Last Tower

You can find Home towers within seconds via maps and frequency reports in Trax. What some people know as “First and Last Towers”, skilled investigators call “Home Towers”. Why? There is not enough information in the records to accurately map last towers for certain providers. Skilled investigators know “Home Towers” are the most frequently used towers in a set of records. Understanding the difference between “Home Towers and First and Last Towers” will save you headaches because Sprint and Verizon do not provide Switch information for last tower. Investigators cannot accurately map data they don’t have. (You can learn about this in our 40 Hour Class) ZetX does map handoff information provided by AT&T and will happily assist plotting last tower information for any provider when calls are specific to a case. ZetX will always map what can be testified to in court! Buyer beware of any mapping program that claims to map all last tower data or gets Home Towers confused with First and Last Towers.

Court and Testimony

Does your current mapping software company provide you with court testimony when required? ZetX not only provides you with the needed testimony, we provide subject matter experts!

Exigent Demands

Exigent demands are provided to law enforcement with a TRAX subscription. These demands are standardized and customized to each agency for immediate use from any device.

Free Phone Look Up

ZETX Free Phone Look Up provides investigators with immediate and pertinent investigative details. After entering a target number, phone look up will display the current provider, their legal compliance phone number and any available subscriber information.


Deconfliction can immediately link crimes across the country. When the same phone number is researched in different locations with phone look up, TRAX recognizes the link. At the permission of each investigator, ZETX will put each person in contact with one another in hopes of advancing case resolution. This service is at no cost to law enforcement.


With just a few clicks, entire sets of CDR’s are mapped, analyzed and animated to view in a movie-like format as often as needed. The files can be shared immediately with Command and prosecutors as the case moves along for approval and court presentation.

TRAX Heat Maps

TRAX heat maps provide investigators immediate coverage identification and overlapping sectors for uploaded phone activity. With incredible accuracy, suspect and victim activity can be analyzed quickly and effectively from the west coast to the east coast.