For Competent Investigations

Up Your Call Detail Record Analysis Game

ZetX brings you powerful call detail record analysis with your cell phone mapping that legitimately saves you time. Bring your A-Game with the largest set of data you can find and watch LINX work magic! The process is fast: you sign in, type some stuff about your case, and upload. Voila! Your records are mapped with crazy, cool analysis. Get reports that include frequency, common calls, baseline and anomalies, proximity locations and date/time filters. Guess what? You can even filter your data by contacts!

When we built LINX, we thought of every good analyst who loves their job and every cop who wishes they could be their analyst! Is there pre-formatting, you ask? We say, NO! Why waste valuable time pre-formatting in Excel when you could be using LINX instead?

We want you to have an efficient, investigative experience. We want you to investigate every bit of information you get from the provider. So, we worked our tails off to bring you TRAX mapping and LINX analytics all in one perfect suite. We worked hard so that you can upload as much data as you want without limitations! In fact, everyone with call detail records in your agency can do this! Unlimited use. Unlimited users.

While you’re at it, try out our Free Phone Look Up. Get reliable provider and porting information right along with search warrants for each provider. You can also find valuable information about each provider on that page too! Our goal was to give you everything you need for a cell phone investigation in one place. Free Phone Look Up is just one more thing we thought you’d like to have in your took kit.

Let’s face it, cell phone investigations are here to stay and it’s safe to say they can come with every case in one way or another. From the moment dispatch calls it out to the moment you’re on the stand in front of a jury, ZetX is supporting you.

Pre-formatting CDR data in Excel is now an investigative method of the past.

LINX gives you the ability to data mine mass amounts of information in seconds while providing printable reports for case files and extra mapping options. Powerful CDR analysis is at your fingertips instantly formatting date and time data, frequency reports, common call reports, stress reports, and proximity reports.

LINX makes huge sets of data dynamic, efficient and manageable.

In unison with Trax cell phone mapping, ZetX brings you the most powerful resource available for CDR Analytics.