“I just wanted to pass on my thanks to ya’ll for all the mapping help ya’ll have given over the last week or so. Just to give you an update on the case we were working on. It started as a missing person with suspicious circumstances and unfortunately turned into a murder investigation. As of 7pm (central time) last night, we had recovered the body of a missing female and put in jail our 4 suspects for 1st Degree Murder, Kidnapping, and Arson. If you would like to see information about the case go to WAFB.com (Tahereh Ghassemi was the victim’s name) which is a local news outlet that has a good article about the case.
Also, ya’ll should be getting a call within a day or two from my captain to begin the process on starting an account for our agency. Again, please pass on to your people our thanks for all your help.” – Louisiana