The Solution

Viper Security

AWS GovCloud Solution

The AWS GovCloud (US) Region is designed to address the specific regulatory needs of United States federal, state and local agencies.Who uses the AWS GovCloud? Here are a few of the current users.

  • US Department of Justice
  • US Department of Defense
  • US Department of Homeland Security
  • US Department of Treasury
  • JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Raytheon


FedRAMP enables Agencies to rapidly adapt from old, insecure legacy IT to mission-enabling, secure, and cost effective cloud-based IT. FedRAMP has an established marketplace of the types of solutions that Federal Agencies need. This market promotes reusability to save money and time for Agencies and industry.


Criminal Justice Information Services, or CJIS compliance, is what keeps professionals in criminal justice and law enforcement (at local, state, and federal levels) in agreement about standards for data security and encryption. Law enforcement can take advantage of CJIS compliant services to dramatically improve the security and protection of data, using the advanced security services and features, such as:

  • Activity logging
  • Encryption of data in motion and at rest
  • Comprehensive key management and protection
  • Integrated permission management


The FIPS 140-2 standard is an information technology security approval program for cryptographic modules produced by private sector vendors who seek to have their products certified for use in government departments and regulated industries that collect, store, transfer, share and disseminate sensitive but unclassified (SBU) information.

The Interface


Clean, Simple, Real-Time Analytics


Real-Time mapping with ZetX proprietary ranging data.